This Just in! A certain US Presidential candidate wants a complete ban on violent games!!!!!

Posted: September 9, 2012 in Moral Panics, Video Game Violence
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While looking at how many of the candidates are for video game legislation of any kind, I came across a shocker, according to this site, which posted US presidential election candidates opinions on violent game legislation  A certain Presidential candidate  apparently  supports a complete ban on all violent games, yes that’s right, a full ban to everyone, adults included, not just kids. (I’m not naming this candidate by name to protect my from possible fraudulent libel lawsuits from any candidate. I have no choice, the US Gov’t won’t make it so bloggers are immune to Libel, and don’t make it so false claims of libel get thrown out before the lawsuit has been decided to go to trial.)

So He is quite possibly saying that he  wants to go every retailer that even dares to sell violent games, PERIOD. Apparently to “shield kids from the violence in society”, we need to makes sure even ADULTS can’t get “video games that are uber violent BLAH BLAH BLAH!”.  And I assume he has lumped online retailers like into his description, because they have no way to filter out kids because there is no way to tell age at all through amazon, so under his plan he would be taking down any possible retailer that could accidentally sell “uber” (as in any kind of violence in them) violent games to kids, even ones online that have no way of knowing what age their buyers are.. BAH!  Well under his description of what all of these games are like we would end up banning 99% of all the games ever made because 99% of video games have violent content, from sidescrollers, to FPS, to Third Person Shooters, To RPG’s, to fighting games, to you-name-it. But apparently someone hasn’t actually researched how many violent games are not Uber violent. Shocker!

Using an article from this blog, I will show right here, that unlike what certain people think, 99% of violent games are not uber violent…
Here is a quote from that article in question which was written to debunk the most common violent game myths using a wikipedia list of all the FPS games made since 1986, to calculate how many fit the claim of the myth based on ones I have played or heard about:

“Claim  : Most FPS games are Ultra-Violent

Source : MANY, Many articles saying this in many ways, basically all saying most FPS games are uber violentbased on descriptions of one game (good example is all the articles describing games like Postal 2 to attack the Justices who voted against CA in EMA vs Brown)

Ok… This isn’t so much a claim but a pattern among articles “damning” Violent video games.  These articles use examples from 1 or 2 violent games that are what I call “Uber Violent” games as proof that “most games” are like them. Uber violent games are a rare thing. What’s the definition of “Uber violent games”? Games that are so violent that most people would find them tastlessly violent.  Out of all 605 FPS games ever made, only 4.46% are “Uber Violent” like this. Only 14.81% of all 81 Popular FPS games could be considered Uber Violent. These “Popular Uber Violent” Fps games only make 1.98% of all FPS games ever released! (605)”

So according to this data, which I measured myself, only 4.46% of all FPS games are “uber violent”, not counting all the Third Person Shooters, RPG’s, Fighting games, and Sidescrollers that I didn’t count, so the actual % of violent games that are uber violent is actually much smaller than  that 4.46% figure.


First the GOP wages war on porn, and now thiis candidate’s comments suggest he is willing to wage an unconstitutional war on all games with even a hint of violence. Under no circumstances should the US government even think of an outright ban on violent games to all age groups. The very thought of US even attempting to this is Obscene in itself. The scary thing is that, it’s happened before in 2 states, right after columbine. Both states drafted bills that would have banned violent games to everyone but both failed thanks to the supreme courts. The government was so brainwashed by the newspapers all making up fake crap about doom (doom has pipebombs, allows you to kill kids, is a school shooting simulator, remember these?) to make it look like Harris/Klebold were solely influenced by it, that they had to attempt full bans. There is no excuse for this BS. Restrict all the games to adults all you want, but once the government even attempts to legislate morality in such a way so that any kind of ban, intended or not, happens, in such a way so adults cannot get violent games at all, or companies can’t sell them to adults in stores, or the internet,  this country becomes a fascist state.  I have played over 100 FPS games since I was 13, and there was not a single time I felt like I was gonna get violent or aggressive due to them, ever. And there are millions like me, and only a few anomalies, and people the media labeled as “game obsessed”, people who the media claim become violent due to violent games and only that, but in reality those people (School Shooters) most likely had other problems, like an obsession with violence in general, and terrorism, racism/white supremacy crap, mental illness, and other issues that would more likely cause real life violence than playing Doom, a game that came out in 1993! A game scapegoated by the media with questionable or possibly even hoaxed evidence,  like no other for crimes it did not commit, under the false tense of “saving the children” from violence caused by other issues! Go figure…. BLAH BLAH BLAH!


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