Arizona’s new Paranoia over bullying/stalking is leading to BS… (HB 2549)

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While reading, I ran into info on this Arizona House Bill which apparently is sitting on the governor’s desk waiting to be signed into law. Basically this law legalizes the following: offending/annoying/disturbing/swearing at/threatening the lives of  people over the internet (or any other “electronic communications device”)  and not just for arizona, Citizens (see below).

This comes on the heel of SOPA and the successor act by Lamar Smith, and the Tennessee “offensive Image” Bill, which all censor the internet in some way. The real problem with this bill and the complete idiot who wrote it, is that 1) The internet is made up of many sites that could offend ANYONE. Anyone making a post on ANY site could be POTENTIALLY ARRESTED. Make no mistake. This law criminalizes the act, but does nothing to take down the offensive content, so it’s not censorship in the strictest sense, but due to the vague wording of the bill, people OUTSIDE OF ARIZONA will be arrested for this bill.

2) There is no place in the bill that says that the second section on stalking must be violated for the bill to be used against someone, but the end of section 1 makes it clear that the bill will be used against people who are not in Arizona.

“B. Any offense committed by use of a telephone an electronic or digital device as set forth in this section is deemed to have been committed at either the place where the telephone call or calls communications originated or at the place where the telephone call or calls communications were received.”

This is vague, but what it basically says is that if some posts something “annoying/offensive/disturbing/obscene/vulgar/profane, etc, they are committing a crime. It refuses to state how the decision will be made as whether the “offense” happens at the “victims” residence, etc, or the “perpetrators”. If the latter is true anyone OUTSIDE Arizona will be arrested, as there is no wording in the bill Exempting people from other states from being targeted, and in general with internet bills, the act doesn’t have to be committed in the state for it to be punished.

I read online from a forum mentioning how this bill could be used against internet trolls, that some idiot teacher was “championing this bill” for it’s help in the fight against bullying. What a load of BS. I’ve been bullied for 10 years and in all cases I’ve seen, TEACHERS Contribute to bullying at the least, and cause it at the worst. This bill does NOTHING to stop bullying.  It doesn’t even APPLY to people PHYSICALLY HARASSING people outside the internet or phone. NOTHING. It’s all BS to start censorship just like “fake” copyright infringement, “fake” child molestation, “fake” child porn, “fake” violence in video games, and “fake” satanic baby eating cultists in Metallica shirts, and their “fake” global satanic cult of all metalheads, band members and the entire metal community,  have all  been used for that purpose before. I hope the Governor of Arizona veto’s this pile of trash BS Bill. If not, we have another pro-censorship moron in the government, just like the millions before him..

Note I put the “fake”‘s in quotes because the moral authority claiming these things were real, and were used for excuses for censorship. In none of these cases were the “fake”‘s actually proven to be real. Child porn was argued by RIAA as a reason to allow internet filtering, “Fake” child molestation cases lead to a paranoia over Satanism over badly misinterpreted satanic ritual abuse cases, and the false hypnosis results involved. In no way shape or form am I condoning any REAL, child molestation, porn, “baby eating” (munchy!) or copyright infringement.





It is unlawful for any person, with intent to terrify, intimidate, threaten, harass, annoy or offend, to use a telephone any electronic or digital device and use any obscene, lewd or profane language or suggest any lewd or lascivious act, or threaten to inflict physical harm to the person or property of any person. It is also unlawful to otherwise disturb by repeated anonymous telephone calls electronic or digital communications the peace, quiet or right of privacy of any person at the place where the telephone call or calls communications were received.


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