Restaurants that blast crappy pop music, the scourge of utter stupidity….

Posted: April 2, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Enter the most annoying thing in the world right now… Restaurants blasting terrible pop/(c)rap “music” in and outside their building.  It really grates me. In the last 2 years there is only ONE restaurant I know that most of the time refuses to do this. When they do play music they at least play it quietly. That restaurant being the restaurant of choice for me right now, the Chateau in Norwood, MA.  Besides them there have been at least 7 restaurants off the top of my head that do this crime. Always blasting teeny bopper pop, love music, rap, soft rock or any other fake music you can think off, because they think, so ironically that “everyone loves it, we’ll be rich!”. What a load of crap!

I don’t care what all the “studies” on this say, that music will get more poeple to stay longer and order more food, it’s obnoxious that horrible music using fake artists who can’t even write 1 riff or one intelligent lyric, and in some cases can’t even play a real instrument (!) and in  many cases can’t sing for shit, and rely on artificial instruments like the usual “beeps” and “boops” of  the keyboard get forced down our throat.  In an ideal society, no music would get forced down anyone’s throat like this. I find it disgusting. Some restaurants I’ve been into blast the music SO loudly that I cannot HEAR MY OWN EXTREME METAL played at maximum volume on MY headphones!

After years and years of having this crap forced down my throat by idiots that assume that 99.9% of customers will LOVE their goddamned pop, rap, dance, whatever crap music they blast at OBSCENE volumes, I wanted to try something devious to get my revenge. Unfortunately it’s very illegal.  I wanted to construct a device that is A) Handheld, B) emits waves capable of interfering with the restaurants stereo system in a way that their horrible pop music gets switched to death metal or any form of extreme metal with harsh vocals and brutal guitar. My solo artist Psychotic fury would be my own personal choice.  At the time I had no clue how to construct a device, but I do know. Only problem is that it’s illegal and because of that I don’t want to do it. There are articles online that mention how to use a CB radio to do something similar with a nosy neighbors stereo system blaring loud music all night while people are trying to sleep or study, but I won’t link them here, for obvious reasons. The other issue, is frankly, I can’t afford such things and probably will never do it. But others might…. I hope  that’s a warning to idiots out there who blast this crap and expect to get away with it without repurcussions.

I hope the US GOV makes such practices Illegal. Forcing down your music to people who clearly HATE it is wrong. I never do such a thing, despite being an extreme Metal Nut.  I have never blared out my music at obscene volumes because I know other people would NOT APPRECIATE IT. <sigh>



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