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Posted: February 6, 2012 in Moral Panics, Video Game Violence, Video Games
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I’ve Begun a set of youtube video’s I will Record Sunday nights and upload Monday Morning before 6 AM.  Each video will deal with Video game violence issues, whether it is current legislation, Studies, Media Portrayal of games, or downright hoaxes like the current video.  My Youtube channel “Freedom Under Fire”, will host each video. I’m not doing it more than once per week because I am using a digital camera and Don’t want to waste the batteries each day doing a video. Plus I need time to research what I need to talk about.

Today’s video was done today because Last night I took the day off due to uploading 4 teaser intro video’s the day before yesterday. Normally I would upload monday morning but I uploaded the 1 video I did today a minute ago. It is about fake claims spread by the media after school shootings to make it look like video games caused them, and also to do with groups attempting to use hoaxed and fake evidence in Amicus Briefs for EMA vs Brown earlier last year. The claims in the Amicus Brief were the “doom will become reality” hoax debunked in my first post here, as well as the claim that violent video games are being used by  the Military to break down the inhibition to kill. I debunked that claim in this article.   In the video I physically debunked the  claim spread by articles about school shootings, claiming a version of doom was used in the School Shootings to train school shooters, and was found on one of the shooters AOL sites.  The article mentioned several things Doom cannot do as features of this version making the whole thing very suspicious. I provided the name of the blogs that debunked the second claim, the EMA vs Brown One.

I will probably not be able to upload another video till next Sunday due to the Camera issues. It will also give me time to think of stuff to talk about. I might do 2 video’s, who knows. In the mean time more blog posts here will be done on a regular (at least every other day) basis. I’m done with my 2 major hobbies for now, video game modding, and music writing, so doing blogging here will be a more regular done thing.


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