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Over the last 2 nights, into today, I’ve been working on a set of youtube channel video’s that basically go into detail on this blog and the various things I’ve written about here, from violent video game myth debunking, to attacking censors, and other stuff like writing about SOPA. I did 4 video’s.  Part 1 was an intro into what made me want to blog about violent game myth debunking and it goes into many of the misconceptions of video game violence I hear a lot. Video 2 goes into SOPA, youtube content-ID abuse, megaupload being taken down, and other similar things that all have to do with copyright law abuse. Video 3 goes into Oklahoma video game legislation, the new law there that would tax violent games and people who would want to blame the games for bullying. Video 4, goes into complete false claims that were spread by the media after Columbine that made it look like Doom was what made Harris/Klebold want to kill their classmates, but are nothing but proven hoaxes.  Due to a slight Speech Impediment sometimes my sentences might not make sense. I hope it’s not too much of an issue. Check the 4 video’s on my new youtube channel. Hope you enjoy.


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