Proof that SOPA would go after gaming sites and Blogs:

Posted: December 22, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Continuing my post on SOPA’s possible effect on the internet, I reloaded a article mentioned in Techdirt’s article on SOPA, (linked in the video for the bill entitled “WTF is SOPA?”) that mentioned how GroupM (A huge advertising company) set up a blacklist of sites that affiliates were not supposed to post ads on, because according to GroupM, they were “pirate” and “copyright infringement sites”. The  article in  question on techdirt mentions Vimeo (a youtube alternative), and many download sites, and also hip hop related blogs. However it failed to mention an even more bizarre twist. Using a link to the document itself, searching by me revealed 2 gaming sites are on this list as well. (a game related download site, hosting legal downloads of game demos and patches, etc), and Telefragged (a video game hosting site, long defunct, that used to host old quake related sites, such as planetquake). It also mentioned several sites on blogspot, all hosting illegal content…


Now here’s the problem. Under SOPA, sites like the gaming ones would be targeted, if people like this listed them as “infringing” sites. They would be shut down, and there goes fan sites for about 12 games (if telefragged was counted and is still around (it isn’t) ). BIG fan sites. With Multiple sites for mods and other stuff. Not a small portion of the internet. Then comes the blogs. The law would end up taking down the ENTIRE hosting service if a copyright holder found that the blogspot blogs hosting illegal content (warez) were part of blogger, which they are.  Then, if this list is correct, file hosting sites for gaming would be under attack as well. Rapidshare, mediafire, megaupload are already targeted as “piracy” related sites already. If filefront is listed among them in one persons blacklist, it must be on others to. Since filefront changed to gamefront, that would be targeted to.  Take filefront/gamefront down and you take down the last free download site for legal game downloads such as patches, mods, demos, etc. See the problem I have with this. Most of these “copyright infringement” sites are indeed that, but a few aren’t and blogs and gaming sites are already among them.. Sigh… Read more on sopa in my article on it the ones linked below.






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