Despite the many watered down Ammendments to SOPA, It still is bad for gaming.

Posted: December 22, 2011 in Moral Panics
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I saw an article online mentioning an amendment to SOPA that gets rid of the two part of the bill my first post mentioned that could be used to target sites that host user content that could be considered copyright infringement or could allow copyrighted works to be posted.  The “managers amendment” made by the Author of the Bill, gets rid of the language in the bill that does these things, making it so that the bill, if the amendment is passed, can’t be used to take down facebook/blog hosts/youtube if copyrighted material is uploaded by users, and also the bill cannot be used to target sites that “don’t follow the high standard” of non-copyright infringement, aka sites that are unintentionally or intentionally designed in a way so copyrighted material can or is being posted.  However the amendment itself still has one fatal flaw that could still make it target modding sites for video games:


If the site’s primary function is to offer goods that infringe on copyright, or offers part of goods that infringe on copyrights, it can still be shut down. How does this relate to mods? Like I said in my first post, many modding sites host mods for video games that include skins based on models skins from the original game, and older games that use sprites instead, have many mods that are based upon old sprites from the original game, even going to the the extreme of simple recolors. These are still copyrighted, so modding sites that offer these mods fit into the bill’s category of “offering parts of goods that infringe copyrights”.  Under this Bill, even if this “manager’s amendment” is passed, it still can be used against mods. However, none of this likely even matters in the long run, because the amendments to the bill were mostly shot down by congress, and if this one hasn’t, it probably will be.

Freedom is still at stake folks, contact your representative now, to do you part to try to stop this!




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