I’m cancelling updates at this blog (For Now)

Posted: September 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

Folks… Time has come for me to announce the end of the erosion of freedom..

Due to stress issues, and simply not wanting to keep ranting about nonsense spread about violent games, I’ve decided to scrap writing for this blog (for now), and move on to Metal Music related stuff at my other blog Blackplague’s metal mania. In the last few days music writing has been my focus, for my Thrash/Progressive Metal Solo Artist “psychotic Fury”. The things that irk me about the controversy over “video game violence” have been written already by me and I really do not have much more to say. Nothing is happening in that department lately, anyway. The blog will be kept online as a resource for people looking for the truths behind the claims attributed to violent video games. I will not shut it down, but I don’t feel like continuing this blog any further….



– Blackplague


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