THE BS that started the The Metal “Satanic” Hands gesture allegation…

Posted: July 24, 2011 in Heavy Metal, Moral Panics
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Over the years, I have read nonsense saying that the metal “horns” gesture (seen at many metal concerts) is a secret satanic symbol done at satanic masses. This allegation has been used against metal and metal fans for years as “proof” that they are part of a “global satanic cult”. Of course that is all BS, there is no proof a global cult even exists, and the allegation that all metal fans and bands are part of it is just plain paranoia.

However the “devil sign”‘s link to Satanism is still a thing that interests me. Everyone who is into metal knows that Ronnie James Dio invented the sign, when he saw it made by his grandmother to ward of the Evil eye… But satan-paranoid ministers always say it’s satanic… Well this article seems to prove that only certain “experts” on Satanism ended up linking it to satanic cults by so called “cult crime investigators” in their police manuals. I quote:

“Eventually the cornu or “horned hand” showed up in several police manuals. Lou Sloat’s Texas Ritualistic Crime Information Network Occult Crime Manual lists the cornu as a “horned hand sign” in an untitled list of symbols attributed to Satanism.[6]Other examples include:

  • “A satanic salute or sign among members; represents devil’s horns. Often used innocently by adolescent heavy metal groupies without knowing its alternate meaning .”[7]
  • Originally used by Pseudo-Satanists as a secret hand sign to gain access to rituals, the sign is now widely used by Self-styled Satanists to indicate that they are in league with Satan.”[8]
    The “cornu”, “mano cornuto” or “horned hand” salute is made by raising one’s hand with the index and little fingers extended and the other fingers and thumb folded against the palm. In different contexts this means quite a few things, including the following:
  • In Wicca this is used in some traditions as the sign of the Horned God. Warnke may have been aware of this, as he is using it in reference to what he describes as “witches” here.
  • In some Native American traditions this is the sign of the Buffalo.
  • Anton LaVey adopted this as a Satanic salute, resulting in it being advertised as such by books such as these.
  • It is a recognition signal used by the Piru (Bloods) gang members in Los Angeles.
  • It is a symbol of the Texas Longhorns football team or Texas UT.
  • It is a slang hand sign in American sign language for the colloquial expression “bullshit”.”

Where did I get this quote, from the below article, of course.

This seems to me that the “cult crimes” detectives that probably were involved in the whole 1980’s El Paso Satanic ritual abuse/Metal Scaremongering (see here) were the ones linking it to Satan. So apparently the whole claim that it is a satanic symbol is fake…. Anton LaVey and his brand of  Satanism not withstanding…

Now people on sites like have a huge list of pages that prove that people are “secretly” using the “devil sign” as proof that they all are Satanists. George W Bush, Metallica, the list goes on for 3-4 pages, complete with pictures. And to prove that it’s a satanic symbol who do they photograph doing the symbol?

Anton LaVey.

Now for people who think that just because LaVey used the symbol, the rest of Satanists do, he is the public face of the church of satan, a religion where the congregation uses the devil as a symbol to worship yourself to promote individual freedom. This is not real ‘devil worshipping’ Satanism where they believe in a real Satan. This should not count… So far that’s the only pictures I’ve seen of “Satanists” using the symbol. This is hardly proof of a real satanic cult in our society using the symbol to show “secret Satanists” that they are ones too. Keep in mind the person who thought that claim up is the writer of a police manual from El Paso Texas during a paranoia over Satanism in the 80’s. Hardly a source that is unbiased. In that paranoia Mexican Americans, Rock/Metal Fans/Wiccans/etc were all targeted as Satanists and thousands of tax payer dollars were wasted on vague cases where “Satanic Abuse” happened, like a woman claiming she had seen “Satanists” eat a baby. The “Satanists” in this case were Metallica Fans. So if this kind of paranoia is what the police manual is based on, It’s hardly non-biased proof. Hell, It’s no proof at all.

No one outside LaVey Satanism would know that the “devil sign” is a satanic symbol. There are no “Satanic Cultists” flashing the sign, just a bunch of people using it with different meanings. To me it’s paranoia over nothing.

Read the Article I quoted above Here


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