Corruption at it’s finest : “Noise Polution Laws”.

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Ok… I live in MA. I am a metal vocalist and musician. I often worry about noise pollution… I do everything I can to keep the sound from getting too loud for the neighbors. I shut the windows, turn on the Air Conditioner. But still my vocals are around 75-80 DB (I am screaming at the top of my lungs, you know).

(that DB value is a guess, of course – I really don’t have a good DB gauge on Audacity…)

So I decided to look up the MA Noise Pollution laws… On this site to see if  my 75-80 DB Volume vocals would be subject to serious legal problems if I was caught by the police. On the site, it became clear to me that the laws were subjective and stupid.

Number 1, they did not give a DB value of what constituted Noise. They mentioned it must be 10 DB louder than the background noise. Which is 70 DB according to a site So 80 DB is punishable. Even though the minimum unsafe DB is 85?  So merely speaking loud (which could be up to 85 DB) is way over the limit. Various other Noise Pollution laws state that the level during the day that can get people in legal trouble is 70 DB and 50 DB at night…. So they purposely punish people for being loud at night too…

If I use the value (70 DB during the day) mentioned in the other laws, I would think I would be fine. With the windows shut on a hot day in both my home and neighbors home the volume would decrease over time. The issue is that on the site linked above it says that the volume is measured at both places…. So that begs the question. Which place causes a fine or  whatever punishment. Can someone screaming loudly at their kids get arrested for Noise Pollution? Because at their property it was measured at 70 DB…

I really don’t like noise pollution laws. It states on the site that the laws were put in places to protect the “neighbors”. Why in the blue hell do people  think that laws that punish people for yelling loudly protect anyone. Have we become that much of a nanny state?

I admit, my vocals are very loud. That’s not what I am debating. What I am debating is that are there laws that punish people for merely yelling. The fact that the DB that must be reached before a person is arrested, is dropped at night proves that these laws are unnecessary, and vague. In the site, not once did they mention how they define the background noise.

Now to make it worse, after googling “how loud is 70 decibels” (view the results here), it became even more obvious that these laws are in place to punish people yelling because neighbors hate that crap, or worse. 70 DB is as loud as a radio. So people playing a radio could get in trouble with the law for noise pollution now? I guess we live in a nanny state now.

Laws like these need to be repealed. 70 DB is note even that loud. 85 DB is needed for a sound to be “unsafe”.  To me it’s ridiculously pointless to create laws like this so idiots and parents don’t have to have themselves or their kids “exposed” to “harmful noise”.


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