Debunking Backmasking once and for all…

Posted: July 12, 2011 in Heavy Metal, Moral Panics
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So I went to get my hair cut today. My friend, and my barber, Dana (Hi Dana!), told me of the most rediculous claim ever. The claim is that Deff Leppard put a hidden “satanic message” in the end of the their song “Love Bites”. The supposed message (which wasn’t a backwards message, but a forwards one, ok…) Was something like “Kill the Emporer…..” or something like that. The actual phrase that was said in the song was nothing to do with killing the “emporer”, who ever in the blue hell the “Emporer” is anyway…

But… That’s besides the point because when I searched for the supposed message I came 2 pages… One in which someone accuses Metallica of putting the backwards message “I love Satan! Yeah! Kill the lord, lord, lord, lord, lord Satan! YEAH!” in their song “Blackened”.  I reversed the song and listened to it and heard the part they mentioned but, only someone looking for those phrases would interpret it as that… In many so-called backmasked songs, listening to the song in reverse without reading what the so-called “message” is, will end up sounding like complete gibberish. Only if you actually read the message will you actually hear it.

Then I came to this site:

This quote came from someone who was a proponent of hidden satanic subliminal and backmasked messages in Metal CD’s, who testified at the PMRC hearings in the 80’s:

“The message [of a piece of heavy metal music] may also be covert or subliminal. Sometimes subaudible tracks are mixed in underneath other, louder tracks. These are heard by the subconscious but not the conscious mind. Sometimes the messages are audible but are backward, called backmasking. There is disagreement among experts regarding the effectiveness of subliminals. We need more research on that.

Some messages are presented to the listener backwards. While listening to a normal forward message (often somewhat nonsensical), one is simultaneously being treated to a backwards message (in other words, the lyric sounds like one set of words going forward, and a different set of words going backwards). Some experts believe that while the conscious mind is absorbing the forward lyric, the subconscious is working overtime to decipher the backwards message”

So these people think that there are hidden satanic messages to quiet for human ears to hear but can be caught by our subconscious? They can’t prove it can they? Not that you should take these people literally, they are the same people who thought that Twisted Sister’s Under the blade was about sadomasochism and Bondage, and not fear of surgery! They interpret anything that can be interpreted as “Satanic!” or “evil!” as that. Even though most people wouldn’t even go that far.

My big problem is the claim that Metal songs are being written so that hidden messages are being put in the normal lyrics, so that when you play them backwards, you get all these horrible satanic baby raping messages that only the fundies can find…. Because of course, the fundies are the ones playing the records backwards looking for things they think are “overt satanic commands”…. Sigh…

As a recording artist trying to write a song, and write lyrics, that when performed, will become a satanic backwards message when played backwards (and interpreted by the subconsciousness while played forwards, like the bunk claim above says), I would have to know a great deal on what words sound like in reverse… But the problems don’t end there. Saying one word a little differently completely changes the so called backwards message. Just one pronunciation change…. That’s all it takes. So to me, making a record with normal lyrics that in one part, sound like something like “I eat babies! Hail Satan! Yummy!” in reverse… Is almost impossible! I would have to find out what words sound like that message I want in reverse and sing them in a very certain way…. Doing this…. As I found out experimenting with it in an audio program, is very, very, very hard. I first tried to find out what “Hail Satan!” sounded like in reverse. Then I Imitated the reversed phrase, and could not make it sound like “Hail Satan!” at all…. Nevermind the obvious problem that many words don’t sound anything like real words when reversed, making the supposed task of inserting reversed messages in normal forward lyrics, impossible. Period.

IMHO opinion, people who are listening to records in reverse to find “Hidden Satanic Messages” are paranoid about it and are hearing what they want to hear… It’s painfully obvious.

But I had to capitalize on this…. In a song I wrote recently for my Death Metal solo artist “Caustic Euphony”, I added a growled subliminal message saying the phrase “Do Drugs, Eat Babies, Donate Money to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute!”. My test will see if by listening to the instrumental this backwards message is in will make me want to do any of those three things…  Unless it does, then this nonsense about backmasking is just that… Nonsense.


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