Another “Death Metal” Murder… Sigh…

Posted: July 8, 2011 in Uncategorized
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This article I read on wordpress really aggravated me. The prosecutors for the Billings murder, are blaming death metal for the crime…. The issue I have with it is how they are calling a widespread genre with varied lyrical styles, “satanic”.

I’ve listened to death Metal since 1998. I’ve heard lyrics that are about, Societal issues, Anti-War, Viking Mythology, Pagan themes, Murders, Medical stuff with weird names (carcass, etc), disgusting lyrics about maggots and death (cannibal corpse) and the occasional band with a Satanic Theme. Death metal to me, is 90% non satanic…. The claim that it is satanic is nothing more than a scaremongering generalization… It’s nonsense…

I listen to, and write Death Metal. I’m not a murderer, Satanist, child molester, or any other of the crazy stereotypes everyone keeps applying to Metal… I’m not part of the global satanic cult alleged to have been “eating babies” in Texas in the 80’s that were all Metallica fans. I’m just a fan of extreme music.. That paranoia, IMHO is responsible for travesties such as the West Memphis 3.

And to blame a murder, on music is moronic… To Murder someone, you must have other issues. Seriously.


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