Part 6 of my study on the nature of anti-violent game’s comments on news articles…

Posted: July 7, 2011 in Moral Panics, Video Game Violence, Video Games
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I am continuing my study into the nature of comments attacking violent games on articles in newspaper sites online. By definition the comments must fit these categories to be considered ‘attacking violent games’…

A) Spread lies about violent games

A2) Making up new lies about violent games .

B) Call for games to be banned outright

C) Call for games to be restricted to adults

D) Enforce negative gamer stereotypes

D2) Shows dislike, hate, or a grudge towards gamers.

E) A Bias towards gaming, such that the person commenting thinks games don’t deserve 1st amendment

protection,  the industry is marketing “trash” to my kids, etc.

F) Not sure what violence effects on kids are a restriction might be in order…

G) Attacking the ESRB due to some flawed thing like the FTC study or the fact ‘my 9 year old’ could get bulletstorm.

H) Wants violent game manufacturers sued or games boycotted.

The previous 5 parts of this study (you can view the condensed version on my other blog here), found that out of 44 comments, 59% were spreading false claims (media lies) about violent games, such as the claim that “studies prove violent games make kids violent”, “these violent games break down the inhibition to kill”, “kids train on these games”. Some in this category said crap that was stereotypical of violent games, using uber violent examples of violent games to make it look like all are ‘uber violent’, when they are not, aka “These games allow you to decapitate people, and torture”, etc. 34% had a clear bias against the gaming industry (“their marketing this trash to the kids”), the games themselves (calling them “trash”, “junk”,etc), or or the gaming companies (“do these people have no conscience?”). Others in this category said “why should these games exist”, “I wish people would take the moral high road and not play these games so the kids won’t be effected”, etc.

In this part of the study I have 3 new articles I found (not ones that a recent though) all with some moronic comments in them. Article 1 is here

Comment data:

1 Comment of type E) Bias towards games, saying the country shouldn’t have violent entertainment, puts games in quotes to attack them like many journalists do, like they aren’t games but murder simulators, implying gamers have no intelligence.

1 Comment of type E) Bias towards the gaming industry, “bloody corporations should not have 1st amendment  rights”.

1 Comment of type E) Bias towards games – “1St amendment doesn’t give us the right to be indecent”…. Indecent… like anything that offends you. People should not have the right to complain about being offended. It’s stupid

1  Comment of type A) Spreading lies about games – Military uses violent games to break down the inhibition to kill, calls the ads of violent games in question in the article “Violent Ads”. The ads themselves don’t show violence. More Bs.

Next article (I know it’s a gaming mag, but the comments do fit some of these descriptions). Article is Here

1 Comment of type A) Spreading lies about violent games – Violent games ‘desensitize’ kids.

1 Comment of type A) Spreading lies about violent games – The Ads target kids.

1 Comment of type A) Spreading lies about violent games – says ‘the carnage’ caused by violent games is equal to the the cancer causing problems in cigarettes.. Sigh… I hear this nonsense all the time….Also says that violent games make players more prone to violence, and spews a rediculas assessment on the future of gaming…

Also of type E) Bias towards games, saying… Well Just read the entire quote.

“Remember when the cigarette companies kept saying that no one had “proven” that cigarettes CAUSE cancer? So we continued to let the ads run where all the kids could see them. Lots of people died. Has it yet been scientifically proven that cigarettes cause cancer? Do you believe they do anyway?

Here’s the future of gaming: TVs as big as your entire living room wall. Life size enemies. Realistic wireless game guns with a loud bang and a huge kick. Maybe actual gun makers will make a wireless game clip that you can pop in the real gun where the bullet clip goes. Maybe someone will make an accessory that throws fake blood all over you when you shoot a game enemy at close range.

That’s OK, because no one has scientifically proven that violent games make the players more prone to violence. Until they do, let the carnage continue! ”

1 Comment of type E) Bias towards games – Saying “others are using pseudo facts to support their bias torwards games in the guise of anti-censorship”.

Next article Here:

This article is filled with lies and bs. Here we go.

1 Comment of type A) Spreading lies about games – generalizing games as games where you “take a club to a pedestrian”. Hello. Only GTA has that feature. 5 out of 500. It’s ridicules.

1 comment of type A2) Making up new lies about violent games – Claims violent games as training tools to recruit military at young age, says violent games ‘permanently burn memories’ into the minds of children, blah-blah blah… Common. Back up your crap. You can’t therefore it’s a lie.

1 Comment of type A2) Making up new lies about violent games – Claims violent games and action movies have too much things happening at once, overloading the brain, causing ‘anti-social behavior’ in kids. WTF?

1 Comment of type E) Bias towards games – First claims studies should make kids play games longer, to see ‘how senseless they become’

Also of type D2) – Shows a dislike, hate, or grudge, towards gamers. calls gamers bullies and says that parents should be put in jail,

Also of type A2) Mentions a fictitious link between violent games and real life military combat. More BS.

1 Comment of type A) Spreading lies about violent games – Violent games break down the inhibition to kill. BS. Also advertize Grossman AGAIN!

1 Comment of type A) Spreads lies about violent games and Gamers… Says we are violent and violent games cause this… Also of type D2) Shows a dislike, hate, or grudge towards gamers.  I quote:

“And it games cause violence, so be it. If a gamer tries to be violent with you, remember this one rule of thumb, so to speak. Since gamers spend a lot of time inside playing games, they are physically weak. As long as you can avoid their powerful, unnaturally strong thumbs, you should be able to subdue them.”

I think this cartoon image describes this guy perfectly.

Pitiful. Who in the hell actually thinks that “violent gamers” should be “subdued”. Someone who hates gamers who think gamers cause school shootings, like that idiot who threatened to kill me on This goes beyond a mere perpetrating anti-gamer stereotypes and goes to wanting them physically hurt. Is this a trend? First we’re bullies, and now we need to be “Subdued”. Moronic.

1 Comment of type D2) Shows dislike, hate, or grudge towards gamers – says “people who play these violent games are people I don’t want to be around anyway.”

1 Comment of type A) Spreading lies about violent games, generalizes the clip on the Jon Stewart’s Tonight show segment showing a girl being ripped in half as what most games are like, than mentions games have “passive and casual avatar rape and murder” in them. 2 Words : Custer’s Revenge. 1989! Stop making this damn fake claim of rape simulators up… It’s idiotic. These people read biased articles that keep putting that lie in the game and everyone believes this  tripe. It’s ridiculous.

Ok this next comment has nothing to do with violent game controversy but it’s BS, especially when Metal is mentioned:

“and don’t forget comic books and heavy metal music cuz they’ll make kids grow up to be homosexual murderers too”

I don’t know if this is a joke, but I doubt It. Homosexual murderers is something only a Fred Phelps lover would come up with…. These kind of people have been trying to say that metal is linked with a global satanic cult that ‘molest’s children, for years, along with “god hates fags”, “all masturbators are going to hell”, and the biased claim that all masturbators are child molesters and rapists.

Back to the offending comments:

1 Comment of type A) Spreading lies about violent games – College students are all ‘desensitized to violent games’, and more bs..

1 Comment of type A) Spreading lies about violent games. Says violent games are a great training ground for the ‘forces of evil. More nonsense about violent games being used to train killers. Sigh..

1 Comment of type A) Spreading lies about violent games – Says ‘the weight of evidence’ proves violent games cause real violence… More BS.

1 Comment of type A) Spreads lies about violent games – says ‘ultra realistic’ battlefield simulators like COD, Medal of honor are ‘training’ or kids to kill…. seriously. A game with regenerating health, low bullet damage and no recoil is ‘training’… BS…

1 Comment of type A) Spreading lies about games – Says a famous psychologist who has been researching ‘media violence’ for a long time proves that violent games have a ‘long term effect on people’ without blatantly saying that they make us violent , or desensitize us to violence, break down our inhibition to kill, or any of the nonsense spread above…. Statements like this that are very open to interpretation, even though they are false, are equally dangerous as the ones that make nonsense claims like the three I mentioned after it.

1 Comment of type A) Spreading lies about violent games, says their an outlet for young children. When the industry markets violent games to 18-35 year olds.

1 Comment of type A2) Making up new lies about violent games – Claims just because the commentator drove around for days and because of the length, he was forced to automatically do things without knowing he did them, the ‘kids that play games 18,20,24 hours a day will go into kill mode!’ Is this another Grossman worshipper unknowingly or knowingly advertising his best seller?

1 Comment of  type A) Spreading lies about violent games – Says they desensitize, reduce attention spans, and make people obese. The last is the only one I would even consider.. The rest sounds like bunk.

1 Comment of type E) Bias towards games – says they are garbage.

Out of all the comments I’ve surveyed in previous parts and this part (72 in total), 41 spread lies about violent games. That is 57%. Out all of the 72 comments, 22 are clearly biased towards games, that is 31%. Out of all the newest of these 72 comments, (the ones surveyed in this part), there were no ones calling for violent games to banned outright, or restricted to adults, or their makers sued. The % have dropped due to this, 7% for bans or lawsuits, 4% for restricting to adults.

But… Looking at the sheer amount of people supporting violent game bans on facebook groups, you can see the want is actually higher. I will combine those numbers with these comments later…

The real problem in these articles, especially in the last one, are lies about violent games, especially ones that seem to be completely made up by the commenter.  There were 3 of these. The % of that is tiny, (4%) but is still notable that this is happening. The even bigger issue, despite the small lack of comments that do this (3 out of 77 – 4%), is comments that have a clear hate or dislike towards gamers themselves, not just enforcing negative stereotypes. I see radical censors all the time targeting gamers calling them subhuman, sociopath’s, “gamer shitheads”, the list goes on. Now by radical censors I do not mean all the people who are attacking violent games, just the most extreme of these. The list of people I can think of off the top of my head that this includes are limited to 5 people, 2 outside the US. It’s not a big group but they make it clear that they dislike or hate gamers on a regular basis.

Still I think the biggest issue I can see is the spreading of lies and making up new ones…. It is almost 60% and is around 65% combined… These things are spread many times by people I think are outright fans of the initial lie spreaders, the psychologist hacks  on TV after columbine.  In many of these lies, the one that says “the military uses games to break down the inhibition to kill”, is spread, at a decent pace, 6 out of 22 lie comments surveyed, that’s 27% of the lies! So 1 third of the lies spread are about breaking the inhibition to kill. Another 4 Mention the vague statement “games are training killers” or allude to that statement… While not as bad as the break the inhibition to kill nonsense, it’s still a lie and a big one. I debunked the 5 biggest lies, including this one in this article.

Not till the last article Did I see a  dislike towards gamers, so that’s a good thing. But on the last 2, new lies were being made up by the commenters and spread around. I am starting to wonder if some anti-gaming radicals are posting comments because a lot of  these new lies sound like something a radical would spread around to cause a panic. They hide behind the anonymous protection of the internet and no one knows who they are. That anonymous protection, the newspaper websites/forums/etc, are constantly protecting idiots online by not giving out their IP, especially if they are trolls. I think some anti-gamers abuse this privilege by starting secret ‘evidence gathering campaigns’ that involve brutally insulting gamers to see their responses to see how ‘violent’ these responses are to use in their next press release. I can’t prove it, but the work of the  denverpost troll who had a email account, combined with his last post “I have all the evidence I need to prove gamers are violent”, seems to suggest this is going on in isolated patches of the internet.

But that’s for another editorial. This study is far from complete and will not stop till I’m satisfied I’ve surveyed enough comments to show a trend. Stay tuned…


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