The anti-gamers have infested facebook…

Posted: July 4, 2011 in Moral Panics, Video Game Violence, Video Games
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So Looking through facebook groups I decided to search for the phrase “ban violent games” to see how many people wanted them banned on facebook, after my article on the comments attacking violent games on articles, showed to me that more people wanted violent games completely banned than I expected. (see article here). The result of this facebook search is alarming at best, and insane at worst. Look at this screenshot..

Out of all these groups wanting all violent games banned to all age groups, the sheer amount of people who have joined is a whopping 278. The people who have joined anti-banning violent game groups is only 248, somewhat less but still it’s alarming to me to see the more people on facebook want game banned than oppose such measures. Even worse, there is not a single group, 1 SINGLE GROUP, on facebook that wants violent games restricted to adults. It’s all banning to them. But, on the contrary, there is no single group dedicated to suing violent game makers, at least that’s a positive sign.

To combat this I have created my own facebook group “Stop! violent game censorship and lies” which is  a group dedicated to attack media lies, linking to this blog’s articles on the groups page. You can visit the group here. For all visitors who have read my articles and agree with them please like this group on facebook, if you have a facebook account that is… We need to do anything to stop these idiots….


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