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It’s July 4’th again… The celebration of American Independence.  As a gamer, a game designer, and as a political commenter/ anti-violent game lies debunker, I think I need to reflect, on the nature of what we have here. And how some people don’t want our freedoms to be as strong as they are.

There are people out there wanting all violent games banned and think we’re sicko’s. The article I ranted about last night (you can view the rants further down in the page, to tired to do any linking now) proves it. People like them are not powerless. Constant attempts to restrict violent games to adults have been shot down in the Supreme court. They keep trying to restrict games to adults, and it fails. It is bound to motivate these people to request full age violent game bans… It has happened before.

In April 1999, right after the media blamed violent games for Columbine, 2 bills were introduced in 2 states, one being florida, the other being Minnesota (I think), that would have done just that, ban all violent games to all age groups. Neither bill passed. I really don’t think those bills are the last of the ones trying to do this. All that is required is a moral panic and people in power with deep religious views that hate violent games. They exist… In Utah,  they are quite common. It’s an infestation, really. Where is my bug spray…

Anyway, I think some people take this freedom we have for granted. Other countries, such as Germany, Australia  don’t have it. Violent games are outright banned in many countries, to everyone! It’s alarming the kind of freedom civilized countries lack… I’m just happy we aren’t one of these countries..

But the real question is how long will this last… The amount of violent games that are uber offensive, such as GTA, Duke Nukem Forever, Bulletstorm, etc has risen over the last few years. Previously back in 1997, you had Duke3d, Rott, Shadow Warrior, Quake, Blood, etc to complain about… Most violent games around that time had the same amount of blood these do, but weren’t quite offensive. The senator’s complained about this all the time. Now FPS games are much more realistic but they don’t have the offensive content they used to. Bulletstorm, Serious Sam games, DNF, Postal 2,  and GTA games really are the only exception, out of all the COD, Halo, UT, Bioshock, countless First Person RPG’s (Fallout 3/Oblivion/Deus-Ex, etc) games out there, nevermind all the tactical shooters, Ghost Recon, Rainbow 6, etc.

But over the last year, the amount of games released like Duke3d is double of what it was. It’s coming back. The anti-gamers are bound to take notice. These games are offensive enough to get the idiots to want them banned. Both DNF and Bulletstorm got attacks from FOX news. I never saw them attacking anything but maybe GTA games before, and it’s alarming to see this happen, when the humor in both, although crude, and maybe sexist, isn’t really that offensive. Then you have all the comments  by anti-gamers whining about the games calling us ‘depraved souls’…. There is a definite shift back to what it was like in 1997-2000.

It’s alarming… Anyway.. enjoy your july 4’th, while it lasts…


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