Why a US government ratings board would be the worst case scenario.

Posted: July 3, 2011 in Moral Panics, Video Game Violence, Video Games
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A long time ago, back in 2008, I discussed (with a friend) the hypothetical ‘effective ban’ that I thought some anti-gamers such as Yee, and various others would try to go for when all their bills kept being found unconstitutional… This effective ban would be the creation of a government ratings board in light of a disastrous columbine type school shooting, that would be abused to make even the least violent games the equivalent of AO, so that the stores won’t carry them…

What would need to happen for this fictitious government rating board to come about is another disastrous school shooting in this country where the perp’s are obsessed with violent games. Hell, the perp’s don’t even have to be obsessed with violent games. At least one shooting (not a school shooting) in Montreal (I think), was blamed on violent games when the media ran crap about the shooter liking GTA. Only thing is that the Victim had the copy!  Anti-gamers jumped all over it, no one even mentioned the mistake, and you had calls to ban a game. These people fake evidence. The Doom will be come reality hoax debunked in my first post (here) is proof of this. A senate hearing would be next, demanding why these uber violent games got in the hands of the perp’s in the first place, complete with anti-gamers whining on how bad the ESRB system is, how games train kids to kill, and lies that involve their use in the military to brainwash recruits to kill on command, etc.. etc.. blah-blah-blah.

Then the government would take over and start to create a new rating system where the equivalent of AO, is given to all the games they find offensive… Sounds like a police state doesn’t it…. This is the worst case scenario.  Why does this work… Well… It’s the stores… They don’t carry AO games due to the fact that if they did they would look like Porn Retailers to the public.. At least that is the reason given here The issue is, that to “Concerned Parents” (Anti-gamer fundies really), AO = Porn! That’s what the public thinks when they see ‘adult’ things… This is a perfect chance for the government to jump in and abuse this opportunity to do some real ‘constitutional’ censoring of games. It’s scary…

The radicals want a way to take all the games they find offensive off stores shelves, so NO one can get them.. They might also want to arrest people who are fans of these games for ‘influencing’ kids to ‘kill’.  It really is scary what bounds these people would go to because they find violent games offensive..  The problem is that the stores think they will get a bad Rep by stocking AO games…  Walmart is owned by ‘family friendly’ people  so that is no surprise. But Bestbuy, etc…  They’re setting yourself up to be used by the anti-gamers… I’m calling it.

Our freedom is at stake. This situation is a ticking time bomb (IMHO) which will lead to ‘constitutional’ bans of violent games some day down the road. It might not be soon. The amount of people in the media not opposing Brown vs EMA vs the people condemning it is like 10-1.  The heat has been down… But these pandemics of youth violence paranoia show up every few years. Gaming is always blamed. We’re always accused of being ‘potential’ school shooters. The anti-gamers know that a supreme court challenge is bound to fail. There is no way (even with a conservative christian president (with non-bush like intelligence)), can elect enough justices that are anti-gamers, to prevent the Supreme court from finding their bills Unconstitutional. They will try a sly tactic like this… Just hope they fail.


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