You can’t train on Doom (Old Blog Repost)

Posted: June 12, 2011 in Moral Panics, Video Game Violence
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I decided to blog about pretty much the most rediculas out of the world claim that the proponents of the theory that violent games cause violent crime cite as proof violent games are harmful. The claim that school shooters can ‘train to kill’ on them… Specifically the claim that various lawyers and media hounds keep repeating over and over again… School shooters train on Doom.

In case I didn’t go into gory details on how unrealistic that game was when it came out in 1993, I will again. For the hell of it. Doom has the most unrealistic depiction of weapon mechanics found in shooters. Bullets do minor damage to you and to the enemies. Only repeated hits (5-10 hits) of the weakest weapons do any kind of lethal damage. But the lack of realism doesn’t end there.  The bullets hit the target 80% of the time, there is no realistic recoil or spread like in real life to make firing in short bursts a must.

To show how nonsensical the theory put out that various school shooters ‘trained on doom’, I’ve decided to record 2 videos showing me trying to ‘train on doom’, more specifically a school based doom mod, entitled ‘School Doom’ released way back in ’97. First I run through the game completely unmodded, without any major mods running it, just playing the school doom wad, notice the tactics doom teaches you… Run into any room, don’t take cover and hold the fire button (or trigger) down till the enemy is dead. It works in the  game perfectly.

Video 1

Now to transfer these tactics over to the real life and simulate what would happen if I decided to loose all mental control and shoot up the school depicted in this addon with REAL weapons… Not fake arcade weapons. To simulate this I added a very good Zdoom Realism Mod “Hideous Destructor”. This makes all the bullets super deadly, gives weapons very high kickback/recoil and other things to turn doom into a realism game. A game where you die very very easily. Notice I start by showing off the tactics in real life that are needed to survive a fire fight. But when I reach the second floor I start using the same old tactics Doom Taught me as a school shooter. Look at the Result.

Video 2

I simply get my ass kicked over and over again. I failed to die even once in the first video where I went through in doom and ‘trained’ to be a school shooter, by memorizing the tactics the game taught me, run into a room, don’t take cover, and hold down the fire button / trigger till the enemies are all dead. When applied to ‘real life’ this tactic utterly fails. It doesn’t work because real bullets kill, not like injure in doom, realistic weapons have recoil making ‘holding down the fire button’ make the gun spin out of control with the constant recoil. The claim that morons who keep attacking violent games (‘murder simulators’) by claiming real school shooters learned how to shoot better in real life is complete bullshit. IT DOESN’T WORK.  It is as useless as tits on a bull.  There is no way the unrealistic guns of doom can teach you how to kill in real life. DEBUNKED.


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