Top 5 shameless anti-metal moral panics… (Old blog Repost)

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I’ve blogged about the top 5 stupid video game controversies. Most of them are well known. And the games involved in them, honestly, ARE Violent and are NOT for kids, so some controversy is expected, and concern over whether kids should be able to buy them is understandable. There is reason for concern…. What I am about to talk about is complete utter bullshit and has absolutely NO reason for happening… The Scapegoating of ‘Devil Music’ AKA Metal. I have written down 5 topics ahead of time to write about that I feel are complete nonsense and should never have happened in a civilized world. But before I begin I need to tell the viewers the whole thing that fuels these backlashes against metal.. Like video games are linked to school shootings and shouldn’t be… Metal is linked to Satanism. And Satanic Cults… And Murders done by satanists… And worse. There are multiple people on various forums and other online places completely enforcing the stereotype that we Metal Heads are all Satanists. Go to and read all the comments about this great song… Find the poster named “octobersnackbar”… He posts crap stereotyping us metal heads as ‘ antisocial misfits, pretentious stoners, and moronic sociopaths.’ These are big stereotypes of us to enforce… Antisocial Misfits… Pretentious Stoners… Moronic Sociopaths…. Needless to say The following controversial Moral Panics help to make us look worse than we are and need to be spread around so that they won’t happen again.

5: The ‘Suicide Solution’ Controversy

Say what you want about Ozzy. He eats Bats… He can barely Speak… He did tons of Drugs and his music, Honestly, Is only decent. Black Sabbath was great… But his solo stuff fell apart in the 90′s, being overshadowed by the Late Ronnie James Dio. But… The controversy surrounding his song ‘Suicide Solution’ Always bugs me…. A kid was found dead (it was suicide) while listening to the song…. Which then parental groups and some minister (I think) started asserting had a backwards or hidden message saying ‘Shoot! Shoot!’… There is a part in the song that can be interpreted by idiots as being a hidden message… But it isn’t… It is random echoey mumbles in the middle of the song… And the meaning of the song is actually very misunderstood. It is a Anti-Drinking song and has nothing to do with Suicide. Hell Ozzy didn’t even Write it. Bob Daisley, His Former Bassist wrote it… About Ozzy’s Drinking Problems… Ozzy claimed later on after the trial that it was about Bon Scott’s Death (of AC/DC Fame) but it wasn’t that either… It spiraled out of control and became fuel to the fire of the nonsense that claims that ‘metal makes our children commit suicide’.

4: The Judas Priest Trial

This one is even worse…. The previous Controversy had a song with the word Suicide in it’s title that could be misenterpreted as a song about suicide… This one well… It’s complete Bollocks…. Judas Priest covered a classic rock song ‘better by you, better than me’, one their 1978 release, Stained Class. Their best release, IMHO. The song was about a person going to war asking his friend to tell his lover he’s leaving forever…. Nothing to do with suicide… Never the less, some kid did commit suicide and it was blamed on Judas Priest… Backwards messages and all…. The fact that Judas Priest never even wrote the song to begin with was omitted and so was the fact that the bloody song had nothing to do with suicide, Period!

3: The PMRC crud – Tipper Gore and friends.

This one is a little more understandable but still….. Tipper gore and The PMRC managed to cause a ruckus in the 80′s when ‘sexualy explicit’ and ‘satanic’ lyrics allegations against metal came out. Those damn “PARENTAL ADVISORY : EXPLICIT LYRICS” or “PARENTAL ADVISORY : EXPLICIT CONTENT” stickers were put on any cd which had one swear or more on them…. Dee Snider‘s band Twisted Sister went in to testify in front of congress. They all assumed a song about fear of surgery (Under the blade) was about bondage… BONDAGE! Go figure…. I watched the headbangers journey documentry and some of the things he said were a riot…. But still the damage had been done… He predicted that the stickers would be used to purposely stop selling certain records at stores… And it happened… Walmart wouldn’t stock the ‘offensive’ release, ones that had only one swear . If you look at obvious talented bands that had a punk edge you can see that they swore quite a bit. Pantera is a good example.. Tons of F Words. Didn’t make it any worse… But they thought so. Call it Protecting the kids.. I call it Censorship.

2: West Memphis 3 – The Framing of 3 innocent wiccan Metallica Fans.

Ok… This one Infuriates me.. Number 1… and this have 1 thing in common.. They go WAY beyond merely saying crap about Metal and start targeting the fans themselves… In West Memphis, Missouri, in 1993, 3 little kids were found dead, ‘Mutilated’ and tied up… A ‘SATANIC’ Ritual was suspected… Since the local religious right population thought that metalheads and satanic cultists were the same thing they arrested 3 kids who wore Metallica Shirts, and were goddamn satanists! The claim Pagans and Wiccans are Satanists is everywhere, and it’s utter Bullshit. The Religious Groups of the South LOVE to target Pagans as the new ‘Satanic’ Cult that is ‘molesting the chillun’. And in this case it worked… For the main Suspect in the case IS wiccan! Video’s posted on youtube proved to me that the populace of the town were a bunch of zealots who love to persecute Wiccans and Metalheads as Cultists. During the trial a very shaky confession of a Mentally Retarded Person was used as evidence.. Probably Coerced. The three kids are on DEATH ROW now for a crime they should not have been in jail for. The Fucked up part is the whole ‘proof’ that the victims were ‘satanicly mutilated’… No investigation was done into whether the ‘mutilation’ found were the result of animal predation… Animal feeding on a corpse would look a lot like mutilation, at least I think that predation could be mistaken for mutilation… Who knows…

1: Satanic Panic

One night checking the tv guide I came apon a documentry on Secret Satanic Cult Scares, So called cases of Satanic Panic, Alleged Satanic Sexual Abuse performed on Children, revealed under hypnosis later… Very controversial because the hypnosis therapy used was stopped later on on the basis that it created False Memories. … Knowing the stereotypes on metalheads I decided to watch it to see if Metalheads would be implicated… They were… A famous Preacher-turned FBI Investigator on ‘Cult Crimes’ was talking about evidence he had uncovered proving Murders were committed with Satanic Agendas in mind, such as the murder of a deranged psycho’s Parents… Evidence was shown on Camera… Including home made posters of Old Logos of the Death Metal Band Hypocrisy… Back when they were satanic… But still… nonsense… That made me wonder how many actually believed that Secret Satanic Cults were being run by Metalheads…

So I started delving into the youtube taped world of Documentries done by Evangelist Preachers… I found several documentries… The most insane one started off talking about satanic cults and secret sexual abuse… And also how the secret cults had invaded the government in order to cause world peace so the ‘antichrist’ can rise… Whatever! But… It got worse… They started showing guys doing the Devil Horns gesture at a Metal Concert…. And started calling us ‘deluded’.. And then started to claim that the ENTIRE world of Metal… All bands… all Fans… Were part of this cult. They believed this nonsense…. Then I started reading up on the west memphis 3 for the first time and I started wondering Just HOW many people actually believed this nonsense… That the whole Universe of Metal was part of a secret Child Abusing Satanic Cult… Basically calling all metalheads Peodophiles and child abusers… Real nice… But I had to know… I kept trying to dig up this documentry and any and all info on the ‘satanic panic’ that I could. For months and even years I turned up a blank… I found plenty of info on the supposed satanic child molestation claims and plenty of baseless lies saying Metalheads were satanists but nothing saying that the whole metal scene was part of a global satanic cult…… ….. Untill I found this article… Read it… It’s Disturbing… At best.. This is an archive of an article written by one Debbie Nathan, Exposing the heart of the problem in Texas in the 80′s… A widespread witchhunt happened but was swept under the rug later… Something… Some major Serial Killing.. It does not say, triggered the foundation of ‘Cult Crimes’ Units in Police Precincts… The ‘Experts’ who were to teach the Police what to look for in ‘Satanic’ Crimes were went on to link the following things to a global or local satanic cult… Being A Metalhead made you a satanist in their eyes… So did Being Pagan… So did Being Homosexual.. and also …. Being Mexican American! Go figure… Playing the Racist card are ye. A bunch of cultists I swear… A Police officer mentioned in the article was a detective who was sent on stakeouts to find the ‘satanic cultists who were accused of Eating Babies’. Yummy! He never found any evidence to prove the rediculas claims of satanic cults operating at schools, and stealing or eating babies… Just guys in Metal Shirts… Go figure…

So I guess there is a population who actually believes that Satanic Cults are Linked with the entire Metal Scene… If you list the thousands of major record Metal bands worldwide and try to figure out how many have satanic lyrics and how many of those are mainstream in the 80′s, or mainstream now… You Get about 25% of Total Bands being Satanic… 10% of those mainstream then… 6% of those mainstream now.. Metal is an underground artform… You might say that that is a bad thing but to me, It’s a blessing in disguise. All the controversy that we avoided in the 90′s is amazing. The backlash would be so negative for some of these bands, who although are extreme, are VERY talented! Some are so musically close to classical, that to me, they make metal the best music type being played now… You’d have to be a complete nutcase to actually think that a Global Satanic Cult is around and every Metal Fan and Artist is part of it. Sad thing is that some people believe this crap…

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