The Severity of The Anti-Gaming/Gamer Bias

Posted: April 8, 2011 in Video Game Violence, Video Games
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“Gamer Shitheads!” screamed the moronic troll and self-appointed violent games “expert”, on the internet forum I posted my displeasure of the media’s scapegoating of Doom after a school shooting, etc. The comments the troll used were disgusting, to say it bluntly, constant swearing, lewd references, threats to “crack my skull in” and “kick your ass” (to a Doom community “ally” of mine – more on that later), a few racist comments, etc… And a severe anti-gamer bias, with claims that the shooters werent people but gamers, etc.

Of course this troll is one out of a literal 100 plus people with the obvious anti-gamer bias. And not the only one who threatened someone’s life. A commenter and famous anti-gaming politician and public figure said how “all gamers deserve the death penalty” on comments of a piece about violent games on

Now reading comments on articles hosted on newspapers made me realize how many idiots are out there who believe the spiel that violent games “train murderers to kill”, are “marketed to kids”, “are used to break down soldiers in the military”, “make kids more aggressive”… All claims that are spread by the media that I debunked on my old blog. The response? At least 2 people on message boards calling violent games “trash” and/or “filth”, and worse… The worst offender so far seems to be an idiot who commented on an article defending the need for a r18+ rating in Australia on a blog post called “violent games aren’t the enemy” which I found (through here

The comment is so old that it is several pages down but here is it in quotes…

“Veging out in front of a computer, playing stupid and useless games, is worse than watching TV for numbing the mind and rendering the vegetator obese and mentally defective.

My suggestion to Video Game players is to get real and do something positive with your lives rather than wasting them, sitting on your fat butts, obsessing about trivia.”

Number 1, the BS statement that all gamers are fat and “mentally defective” is downright biased and inflammatory. Replace gamers with any minority and the statement becomes racist and rude to the core. Complete BS. Fat butts…. Where the hell do these idiots get this crap… Mentally defective? What the hell… If that’s what I think they are saying… As in Mentally Retarded… That’s an insult to the core…. personally…. Calling gamers Mentally retarded makes fun of real people who were born with that condition and is not Funny…

Another comment on the FAUX (FOX) news comments on their little biased diatribe about Duke Nukem Forever and it’s supposed “turn players into sexual deviants” claims people who play these games are all “depraved souls” and claims that they will act out  the sexual activity in the real game and hurt real women… Which is BS… The people who would do the “capture the babe” slap thing in real life have other problems… Problems not caused by a video game! Unfortunately FAUX news, who HATES when a bunch of comments have been posting defending the game they dissect as a cause of “rape” or other crimes, starts disabling comments, as they did with the DNF and Bulletstorm fiasco “articles” they posted… They can’t handle negative criticism.

In the post I linked at,   I ended up  getting spammed by  Conservative  turdburglar trolls who at least one clicked the link to another article which had a link to an Anti-Gaming/Pro Family group to possibly tell them. That’s what lead me to the decision to pull the blog due to all the libel threats online. Who knows what twisted lawyer would prosecute me for the statement. If they are a corporation (and they seem to be), then they could say “we’re not wackjobs, LIBEL!”…  Now… That isn’t my point in this post.. The point is the stereotype that gamers are murderous fat retarded morons is harmful and is being spread and endorsed by at least one person online… (who knows, maybe all the people calling violent games “trash” or “filth” are all separate accounts being created by one person to spread this nonsense by people who would profit from it…). And it has to stop…

We’re intelligent people for the most part… Not murderous filth…


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